Friday, 14 March 2014

A week in the west

Stob Coire nan Lochan

I had been in the day before with Andy to have a look at Spectre and Scabbard Chimney in Stob Coire nan Lochan in Glencoe,but there was fresh snow and a thaw going on and everything was just a little spooky. So we headed up Dorsal arete which was great to check out and new to me still.
So the following day I returned to get on Scabbard Chimney with Ian, it was still a bit warm but such a beautiful day . We topped out to fantastic views and pretty much had the whole of the Coire and the peak to ourselves. It felt very alpine, soft spring snow, longer days and eating our sarnie's in our t-shirts in the sun at the end of the day , looking back up at the snowy peaks.
Ian have a great time following up the first pitch.

Ian cruising off on the second pitch

Doing the tourist bit on the tops, and dreaming up mega ski descents in the corries behind.
Two days in the Sunshine Teaching and Guiding Ellie and Greg
So I thought we would do some of the classics seeing as it was going to be two high pressure blue sky days. Ledge route on day one and we let a group head off infront of us so we had the space to allow ellie and greg to lead a pitch each.
Ellie setting off on the first rising traverse pitch, focusing on positive foot placements.

Ellie bringing greg up.
A bit of piton placement skills at the belay, ellie having a go.

Greg bringing ellie up to his belay.
On the ridge and time  for some short roping to move us swifty to the top.
Curved Ridge
The second day me and Ellie headed for Glencoe with an early start of beat the crowds on Cuved ridge. It was in fantastic condition, the rock was rocky, the snow, snowy and the ice icy. It was very alpine in atmosphere. A girly ascent, looking a little like twins in our orange helmets and blonde hair. We were off the route before twelve so we had a leisurely lunch enjoying the views and the headed off to the munros behind, which was also had to ourselves. Back at the car by 3.30 for tea and medals. Fantastic couple of days out!

Ellie dancing her way up the crux corner.

A photo of our next objective.

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