Thursday, 19 December 2013

Winter begins

The start of Scottish winter has been fleeting, you have had to grab it when it comes, but I think it has finally arrived. I have managed to steal a few routes so far: The message, Savage Slit and Hidden Chimney. Hopefully more to come this weekend with recent heavy snow fall.

The Message 

The first taste of snow in November and a few excited phone calles later, we are heading in to the Northern Corries to see what was happening. Turf... not frozen, but there was plenty of snow and the buttresses were white with rhyme ice so we picked one of a few select routes that we felt were inkeeping with the ethics. The message, a route which was on both our hit lists for this coming winter so we were chuffed to start the season with this classic.

 Andy bridging up the classic corner pitch.


A momentary break in the clag on our way down.  

Hidden Chimney



For Josh his first winter route, a much cheerier finish than our first outing which sadly involved a rescue of a fallen climber outside of our party.  

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